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We specialize in custom turned turkey back scratchers. These make great decorations and trophies. We sell direct to you or we can provide you with instructions for fabrication.

Attention Turkey Hunters!

Do you want to celebrate your hunting success in a truly unique way? Send us your turkey feet and let us turn them into a true conversation piece and something truly useful.

We can also make a scratcher out of your fighting rooster foot, pheasant foot, etc.
Have an idea? Contact us anytime!

Turkey Scratchers

About Turkey Scratcher Construction

This unique craft combines the skills of taxidermy, woodturning, and the thread and epoxy techniques borrowed from fishing rod building.  With the claw carefully preserved with taxidermy chemicals, shaped, and dried, it’s attached to a hand-turned hardwood handle.  A space is turned into the handle mid-section to allow for thread work, and text or logos.  This space, the claw, and the claw-to-handle transition, are then encapsulated in rotationally-cured epoxy.  While most end up as gently-handled display pieces, they are plenty rugged enough for routine use.

Examples of various styles of Turkey Scratchers

Click HERE to see the Turkey Scratcher Gallery

The most popular way to decorate the turkey claw backscratcher is to celebrate the kill itself.  Like most turkey hunters, we too have hung the feet from our mirrors, or proudly displayed them in some other space in our shop or game room.  They’re fascinating to look at in any condition, and completely preserved in this manner is the best, and most useful, we’ve seen.  Freeze your feet, and send them to us, with the details of the kill, and we can create a custom backscratcher for you to enjoy.  If you didn’t save your feet, we can use one from a similar-sized bird from one of our sources of wild turkey feet.

Among the other ways we’ve decorated the backscratcher’s handles are with company, or sports logo’s, or a favorite anything.  Go ‘horns! 


We will have pictures showing the various phases of the process for your view in a few days...



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